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Hear more DeepMind 12 sounds in Behringer's latest teaser video

Another week and another teaser video from Behringer regarding its new 12-voice polysynth DeepMind 12.

In volume six we get a closer look at the sound source, which features two DCOs per voice with a 16'-8'-4' range.

DCO 1 features Saw and Pulse waveforms with pulse-width control, and DCO 2 includes a square wave with pitch and time modulation. There is a also a Hard Sync function for both oscillators and +/- one-octave tuning.

The rest of the video explores the Unison function, which features five modes (2-3-4-6-12), all with variable detune control, and also looks at the variable DCO drift and Noise features.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Behringer teaser video without the omission of certain pertinent details, such as price and availability. We will report on these as soon as they are made available, so be sure to check back soon.