Hand gesture control introduced for Cubase

Steinberg has released Cubase iC Air, a free system which introduces Minority Report-style gesture control for Cubase.

Promising the ability to adjust faders and EQ, navigate through arrangements or tweak virtually any controls with your hand signals alone, Cubase iC Air is certainly futuristic.

It works by using either Leap Motion's controller or the depth cameras developed using the Intel perceptual technology SDK 2013, and - as you can see from the video above - allows users to control the DAW in an entirely new way.

Announcing the release, Steinberg say that iC Air also allows users to "use pre-defined gesture commands for transport control, navigation and more."

Whether hand movement is an effective means to achieving precision sound editing is another question altogether, but for now, Steinberg have successfully captured everyone's imagination.

Cubase iC Air works with Cubase 7 or Cubase Artist 7, and requires Mac OS X Version 10.7/10.8, or Windows 7/Windows 8.

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