Get two Focusrite plugins – worth £229 – for free with Computer Music!

No studio is complete without top-quality EQ and compression, and audio legends Focusrite have been supplying both for decades. This month's unprecedented CM giveaway puts the iconic sound of the company's classic Red series hardware units at your command, in the shape of the Red Plug-In Suite (VST/AU/AAX).

To get your hands on these, you'd normally be putting the hurt on your credit card to the tune of a wallet-withering £229, but we've teamed up with Focusrite to bring our readers this superb package, simply for buying issue 236 of Computer Music! Grab yourself a print or digital copy of the mag to bag this incredible software giveaway!

Red 2 and Red 3 Features

  • Six bands including low-/high-pass filters, shelves and mid bands (Red 2)
  • Adjustable Q or 'focus' and mid-band filters (Red 2)
  • Awesome Focusrite sound pedigree
  • Attack, Threshold, Ratio and Release controls modelled on the famed Red hardware unit (Red 3)
  • Input and Output gain controls (Red 3) to adjust signal processing
  • Dry/Wet mix for parallel compression (Red 3)

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