FXpansion DCAM effects

PRODUCTION EXPO 2014: FXpansion's growing range of software effect plugins use DCAM circuit modelling for sound quality that rivals premium hardware while also providing new ways of using classic processing techniques.

DCAM Dynamics offers punchy compression with switchable saturation circuits, external sidechain support, wet/dry mix controls, full MIDI control and oversampling for no-compromise sound quality.

Providing several extended versions of acclaimed compressors found in other FXpansion instruments like BFD3 and Geist, DCAM Dynamics lets you use the same realistic modelled processing across other elements in your projects.

Bloom, Etch and Maul also contain the TransMod modulation system used in instruments like Tremor and DCAM Synth Squad. Inject everything from subtle movement to brutal manipulation that pulls apart and abuses the modelled circuits.

Influence virtually all parameters with LFOs, envelope followers, random generators and external MIDI triggers to create entirely new sounds that go far beyond what you previously thought was possible from an effect.

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