FXpansion Bloom

PRODUCTION EXPO 2013: Bloom is a creative delay effect plugin with tape, analogue BBD and digital algorithms, additional effects and advanced modulation.

Its varied modes and lush diffusion reverb instantly introduce new textures and spaces to your productions. Dig a little deeper to discover new ways of using delay for sound design and to see why Bloom is becoming a secret weapon for artists like UNKLE and Steve Mac.

Frequency shifting, chorus, EQ, enveloping and other processing blocks provide countless delay flavours and the TransMod modulation lets you vary delay time, reverse/freeze modes and virtually any other parameters with sources including step-sequencers, morphing LFOs and MIDI notes.

Bloom is usable for everything from musical delay and creamy detune effects to mind-bending glitches, pseudo-resonator sounds and more.

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