Future Music Gear Of The Year Readers' Choice award

At the end of last year we here at Future Music unveiled our Gear Of The Year issue, in which we ran through the year's top synths, drum machines, DAWs, plug-ins, samplers and more.

It's not all about our opinions though - we asked you for your top bits of hi-tech music making gear from 2014. We gathered nominations from Facebook and Twitter, and then drew up a shortlist. With hundreds of votes cast, we can now reveal FM readers' top five gear picks:

1. Sonic Academy Kick

We said: "At this price, and with so much flexibility, Kick is a real gem."

2. Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2

We said: "A ridiculously versatile mono/paraphonic synth. Without doubt a great investment."

3. Moog Sub 37

We said: "With a richer set of features and far fewer operational hurdles than its predecessor, the Sub 37 is superb."

4. Elektron Analog RYTM

We said: "The RYTM sounds massive, it's inspiring and addictive and the sequencer is hugely versatile."

5. (Joint) Roland Aira TR-8

We said: "The TR-8 captures the essential tone and mojo of the original TR-808 and 909 but takes it firmly into the future. A must have."

5. (Joint) Universal Audio Apollo Twin

We said: "A great addition to the Apollo range with sensible compromises to reach a more affordable price point."

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