Future Music celebrates 200th issue

Future Music 200 features a look back through the magazine s archives
Future Music 200 features a look back through the magazine's archives.

One of the UK´s best-loved music technology magazines celebrates its second centenary today.

For 200 issues Future Music has been bringing you behind the scenes access to the great and the good in modern music. Starting with issue one's face off with Gary Numan, through to issue 200's studio sessions with Joey Negro and Benga, Future Music has 'done' the lot.

And in that time it´s covered every new trend in music making, reviewing every piece of gear - from the hardware samplers of the early 90s through to the latest cutting edge synths and software. Respect is due.

To celebrate this fact, the Future Music team has put together a short video showing off just some of the stars who've graced the mag´s pages and appeared on FM´s monthly cover-mounted DVD.

Click below for a journey through time and be sure to check out issue 200 of Future Music for yourself. It's on sale in the UK now and can also be ordered at www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk.