Free Sinevibes filter plugin, Atom, released for Mac

With Atom, what you see on the interface is very much what you get.
With Atom, what you see on the interface is very much what you get.

Sinevibes is knocking out new and updated plugins at a staggering rate just at the moment. In fact, the company has so many on its roster that it can afford to give one of them away. Atom is the effect in question, and comes billed as a filter that focuses on dynamic, tempo-synced modulation.

This Mac Audio Unit offers five different resonant filter types, each of which has three slope settings. It's the modulators that are likely to catch the eye and ear, however: these feature multiple waveforms and can be set to run at rates from 1/128 note to 16 bars. There's a Chaos function that randomises the amplitude of each modulator cycle, as well as a lag switch that smoothes the waveform curves.

All of which adds up to a plugin that promises to create "lively and elaborate" filter effects and be suitable for use on all kinds of material. Additionally, Sinevibes has introduced what it calls a new interface design language that displays the processing components and the connections between them. This means no menus and (theoretically) simple operation.

Atom is available now as a free download from the Sinevibes website.

Ben Rogerson
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