Free SFZ Designer sample mapping tool

Optimised for multiple velocity and round robin layers, SFZ Designer is a free sampling mapping tool for creating patches in SFZ format.

Developer Mildon claims that it features a streamlined workflow, assisted opcode entry, draggable key range and velocity split points. There's support for all SFZ 1.0 opcodes (support for SFZ 2.0 is on the way) and you can export directly to SFZ format.

Mildon recommends using the SFZ Designer in partnership with Plogue's Sforzando for previewing your SFZs.

SFZ Designer is available as a free download for Windows from the Mildon website.

SFZ Designer features

  • True visualization of groups (key-range > velocities > samples).
  • Draggable key-range and root key selection over the piano roll.
  • Draggable velocity layer split-points (up to 8 velocity layers).
  • Supports multiple round-robin samples per velocity layer.
  • Tune, Pan, and Volume controls for each sample.
  • Transpose, Pan, and Volume controls for each group.
  • Assisted opcode entry with auto-suggest and validation.
  • Advanced opcode apply-to-all options.
  • Group cloning and structure cloning.
  • Accepts currently unsupported opcodes.
  • Project-level Amplifier DAHDSR controls.
  • Global Override at project/group/region-levels.
  • Full support for SFZ 1.0 opcodes (soon SFZ 2.0 support).
  • Export-As-SFZ with auto-conversion of sample paths to relative paths.

Coming in future updates

  • SFZ 2.0 support.
  • Direct Import of sfz files.
  • Auto-mapping wizard.
Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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