FREE PC/Mac/Linux sequencer: Monoplugs B-Step CM

We wouldn't give up our piano rolls and MIDI keyboards for anything, but each has its cons: one is a fairly uninspiring tool for entering specific patterns; the other is a musical instrument that you have to play with some proficiency to get the best results. If you're after a tool that combines the spontaneity of performing with the precision of programming, though, the step sequencer is where it's at, and we're giving one away in Computer Music 234!

You can use it to jam out everything from basslines and riffs to chord progressions, arpeggios, and even drum beats, in the studio or on stage. You get all the immediacy of a punch-and-play 16-step sequencer, but with a whopping seven pages of controls to dial in, inspiration is only ever a knob-twiddle or button-push away!

See the video above for a tour of B-Step CM's main performance controls, and don't forget to check out the full version of B-Step, which allows you to use multiple instances in a project (B-Step CM is restricted to just one); has unrestricted MIDIin/out capability, with options like multichannel output and parameter feedback for use with hardware controllers; and allows automatic loading of colour themes, as well as creation of your own.

What's more, B-Step CM users can get it for $39 instead of the usual $49 - just check out the instructions in your copy of issue 234!

B-Step CM Features and Uses

  • Formats: Windows (VST), Mac OS X (VST/AU) and Linux (VST)
  • 16-step sequencer across four notes
  • Sequence anything from riffs and chords to beats
  • Seven pages of controls to dial in
  • Choose from five defined sets of chords to create cool progressions
  • Set the octave, chord and number of repeats for 16 patterns

If you love B-Step CM, be sure to check outMonoplugs' website, where you can find out more about the full version of B-Step and their huge bass synthesiser Monique!

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