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Free gating plug-ins from de la Mancha

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pfilter's gating is based on a filter.

pfilter's gating is based on a filter.

de la Mancha pfilter

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gator comes with its own step sequencer

gator comes with its own step sequencer

de la Mancha gator

de la Mancha has released version 2.0 updates of its pfilter and gator plug-ins. Although these produce slightly different effects, there are similarities between them, not least of which is the fact that they´re both free.

pfilter gives you a steppy, gated effect that uses filter cutoff rather than volume to give you more possibilities. It has a variable state filter and an LFO to modulate this.

gator, meanwhile, is designed to produce a random gating effect. It works by triggering volume between two adjustable values.

Both plug-ins feature a tempo-synced 2-32 step sequencer that can be programmed or left to work randomly.

pfilter and gator can be downloaded now and run as VST effects in Windows. Give ‘em a try, we say - they´re available on the de la Mancha website

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