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Fostex AR-4i: make better iPhone 4 audio recordings

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The Fostex AR-4i: an audio recording jacket for your iPhone 4. Click the image for more shots.

The Fostex AR-4i: an audio recording jacket for your iPhone 4. Click the image for more shots.

Fostex AR-4i

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The other side

If you want to make your iPhone 4 look like it's being held in the clutches of a small robot wearing boxing gloves, Fostex's new AR-4i could be for you. What's more, it'll enable you to capture better-quality audio to go with your HD video.

The AR-4i comes with two powered condenser mics, each of which has its own pop shield. There's a thumb wheel input gain control, while a free Setup app enables you to adjust (among other things) pan, filter and limiting settings.

Specs are as follows - click here for a gallery of images:

  • Equipped with 3 x stereo inputs (Line/Mic) for using 2 of the 3 simultaneously for vertical or horizontal use
  • 2 x plug-in powered condenser cardioid type microphones with pop-shields supplied. Third-party microphones can also be used.
  • 4-dot LED level meter for input monitoring
  • Thumb wheel input gain control
  • Setup App supplied free from App Store for setting Pan (L/C/R), Low Cut Filter, Limiter, etc.
  • Headphone output for recording & playback monitoring
  • Long operation time with 2 x AAA alkaline batteries for 8 to 10 hours
  • Supplied with a sturdy hand grip
  • 2 x threaded tripod mounts on the bottom and side for use with tripod, camera rigs, etc.
  • Cold shoe for use of third-party camera options

The exact price and release date of the Fostex AR-4i have still to be confirmed.

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