Focusrite introduces Scarlett plug-in pack

The Scarlett bundle is designed for tracking and mixing.
The Scarlett bundle is designed for tracking and mixing.

PRESS RELEASE: Focusrite is pleased to introduce Scarlett, a professional software suite that provides the definitive collection of compression, gating, EQ, and reverb plug-ins for tracking and mixing.

From one of the most prestigious names in pro audio, made famous by the original Red range and classic ISA console modules, Scarlett provides a beautiful upgrade for any Digital Audio Workstation. Not only does it sound great, the Scarlett user interface features a stunning Red anodized aluminum look featuring intricately modeled, lifelike VU meters, setting the standard for drop-dead gorgeous plug-ins.

Each powerful Focusrite plug-in has a host of fast and easy-to-use presets, providing a great starting point for processing everything from vocals and guitars to synth bass and percussion. In addition, every plug-in parameter can be finely tuned to achieve the desired sound. So for preset users and perfectionists alike, Scarlett is destined to become the new go-to plug-in.

Scarlett works under VST, AU, and RTAS (Pro Tools) hosts, and runs on Macs and PCs, making it the perfect bundle for any music software user.

Key Features

  • Unmatched sonic quality
  • From the team behind the Forté Suite and the famous Focusrite hardware line (Focusrite has provided that final polish and shine to thousands of hit records over the last two decades)
  • Faithful recreation of classic compressors & gates
  • Modeled on original ear-tuned hardware optical compressors, exclusive to Focusrite, Scarlett's dynamics modules deliver that authentic 1960's Opto sound
  • Multi-modes enable creative gating techniques
  • The Gate can operate in stereo mode and, in different dual mono configurations — one signal can be used to trigger the gate of another — making it ideal for tightening up a bass line for example
  • Classic Focusrite EQ curves & controls
  • Scarlett uses the same Focusrite 6-band EQ approach as the Red 2 and ISA EQs, with filters, parametric mids, and shelving — all modeled to offer an authentic response across the entire audible frequency spectrum
  • Professional reverb with concise controls
  • Based on classic algorithmic studio reverb designs, this reverb delivers a remarkable level of sonic quality for your recording projects
  • Easy-to-use controls get you to the ideal reverb sound in seconds
  • Stunning GUI with lifelike porthole VU meters
  • Scarlett features a red anodized aluminum look, extremely detailed metering and other visual elements from Focusrite's illustrious recording history, making Scarlett look as good as it sounds

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