FL Studio for Mac on the way?

FL Studio 10: coming soon to a Mac near you?
FL Studio 10: coming soon to a Mac near you?

Like Cakewalk's DAWs, FL Studio is one of those music making applications that everyone seems to assume will remain Windows-only for evermore, but it seems that this might not be the case.

A recent post on Image-Line's forum features a video of FL Studio running on a Mac (see video above), and now the company is looking for experienced users of the software to beta test it.

The post says: "We have been working with CodeWeavers for the past year or so in developing a special version of FL Studio that runs in a customized Crossover wrapper (a Windows emulator/wrapper). This means that you DON'T need anything else (like a Windows installation, Boot Camp or CrossOver) to run FL Studio on Mac OS X. Just install FL Studio using the supplied .dmg and away you go!"

This suggests that a full release of an OS X-compatible version of FL Studio may well occur, though it does appear that there are currently certain limitations. There's no Audio Units support, for example (VST and native FL Studio plug-ins only), and third-party plug-ins need to be tested on a case-by-case basis, which implies unreliability on that score.

Nonetheless, FL Studio on the Mac would be rather remarkable - beta testing is due to start late September or early October.

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