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Erica Synths' Wavetable VCO is here and it's expandable

Erica Synths has just released a new addition to its Black range, the Wavetable VCO.

The 12HP module features 16 wavetables that include waves of classic synths, FM synths, existing Erica modular synths, formant synths, acid-style synths and more. There are also plenty of sound-mangling options to choose from, including manual and voltage-controlled bitcrushing and wave morphing.

Alongside an in-built VCA, the Wavetable VCO also has the option of using additional ROM chips featuring more waves, which will be available for an extra cost.

Wavetable VCO is available now for €270 (excluding VAT) and more information can be found on the Erica Synths website.

Erica Synths Wavetable VCO key features

  • 16 wavetables of 16 waves
  • Additional ROM chips with extra waves
  • VC wavesurf
  • VC bank surf
  • Manual and VC bitcrush
  • Built in VCA
  • Wave morphing
  • Sub oscillator output
  • 3 sub oscillator waves (-1 and -2 actaves)