Emulator ELITE DJ performance system announced

SmithsonMartin Inc has exclusively revealed its new DJ performance system, the Emulator ELITE, to MusicRadar - along with news that it's available for limited pre-order from today.

The culmination of six years' development, the ELITE is a transparent and touch-screen MIDI controller, upon which light is projected. Its customisable interface can be seen from the audience's perspective, giving DJ controlling an impressive look as well as a future-feeling format.

The ELITE arrives as a dramatic revamp of the Emulator DVS (Dual View Screen), which first appeared in March 2011. Speaking to MusicRadar, developer Alan Smithson explained that this new version takes advantage of the latest touchscreen and projection technology.

"We took this technology called projector capticitive and we modified it to our needs - had a company totally remake the touchscreen from scratch. So you have a piece of 3mm glass, with a projector capacitive film chemically bonded to it, and then a projection film.

"We tested about thirty different projection filters, and found one that looks crystal clear both sides. We also wanted to ensure that the projectors could emit full HD quality pictures, 1920 x 1080. That technology didn't come about till the summer - we tested so many of them."

He continued: "We ended up finding one from Viewsonic, which is beautiful - it has a crystal clear image both sides, super bright, high contrast and low power requirement."

The Emulator ELITE package includes:

  • 'Indestructible' honeycomb aluminum case design
  • HD 1920x1080 projector
  • 24-bit Motu sound card
  • On-board i7 Mac Mini computer (OS X)
  • Custom designed SmithsonMartin PCAP touch screen.

The ELITE is priced at $15,500 and is not available to the public yet: pre-orders are currently by invitation only and limited to 100 units internationally. However, those that take it up will receive:

  • Official "Emulator Artist" endorsement featured on Emulator website
  • Custom "Made For Artist" nameplate with limited number
  • Featured Artist Mini-Documentary interview video
  • Custom Emulator software template
  • Exclusive opportunity to play an Emulator set on the Groove Cruise and save $200
  • Custom padded protective cover
  • Emulator Branded V-Moda M-100 headphones
  • StudioFeed SubPac M1
  • Free shipping anywhere in North America.

For more information, visit SmithsonMartin.