DrumPants 2.0 turns you into a human MIDI controller

If slapping your legs sounds preferable to tapping pads to make music, you might like to consider the DrumPants 2.0 system.

This second-generation wearable MIDI control setup can be played using four triggers: there are two flexible drumpads that can be attached to your body, and two durable footpads that can be stomped on by (you guessed it) your feet.

The sensors are connected to a control box that sends MIDI over Bluetooth LE to your Mac or iOS device (at low latency, we're told) and also features built-in sounds, a speaker and a headphones socket.

It's also been confirmed that the DrumPants 2.0 hardware and firmware is open source and Arduino compatible.

DrumPants 2.0 is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. If you back it to the tune of $110 you'll get yourself a Basic Kit, though there are other funding options available.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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