DJ Tech Tools MIDI Fighter 3D

Fresh from DJ Tech Tools comes this brand new button controller, the MIDI Fighter 3D. This small, square unit follows in the footsteps of previous MIDI fighter controllers. However, this new 3D version has a clever motion tracking trick up its sleeve.

There are 12 RGB colour customisable, arcade style buttons on the surface and six shift buttons that can be used for preset selection or just about anything else you want. There'll also soon be a handstrap, making it possible to hold the controller in your hand while jabbing at the buttons.

The 3D sensor allows five degrees of motion tracking and in total the controller can send 70 unique button messages and 68 unique CC messages. Assign up a filter sweep on left tilt and a beat repeat on a right tilt - it's practically limitless.

The MIDI Fighter 3D will be available in April from the DJ Tech Tools site at $249