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Deckadance 1.5 has new audio engine

Deckadance House Edition has timecode support.
Deckadance House Edition has timecode support.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Line Software has released the newest version of its DJ mixing application Deckadance with many improved functionalities for the best DJ performance.

Deckadance1.5 is available for Mac and PC and gains a new audio engine with an amazing high quality of the sound. Version 1.5 now supports batch beat-analysis of the songs (reducing load times/CPU load during a performance) and time stretching/compression technology. DJs can enjoy new playlist design with variable font sizes, view modes and the ability to import iTunes playlists.

To aid setup, the input and outputs of the program now appear as stereo channels making installation and routing of audio inputs/outputs more intuitive. Finally, users can choose between "Auto" or "Manual" beatgrid analysis modes, on a song-by-song basis, according to their preferences and the complexity of the source audio.

Deckadance 1.5 also provides:

- Native support for the last generation of midi controllers (Vestax VCI-300, DJ-Tech Kontrol One, Stanton SCS-3D, Hercules DJ Control Steel, EKS Otus, Omnitronic MMC-1, DJ-Tech DJM-202)
- Improved seek waveform that shows the start and cue points
- OpenGl render engine for Windows
- Unicode support for playlist/browser items
- Beatgrid move via mouse over the waveform
- Improved DVS engine when elastique time-stretching is disabled, etc.
- Option to switch between the old and new sound engine by the improved interface of the setup panel.

"Deckadance 1.5 is a powerful combination from all features that users already know, along with many improved options. I believe this new version will cover the requirements of even the most demanding DJs all over the world and will help them to show their best" commented DJ L.S.D (Luis Serrano), Chief developer Deckadance and leader of Image-Line DJ technology development team.


Deckadance 1.5 is available in two retail editions: Deckadance Club Edition (with full functionality) and Deckadance House Edition that excludes the timecoded vinyl/CD transport control functions. For hardware manufacturers that would like to bundle Deckadance with their DJ products there is a custom LE Edition (contact Image-Line for more details).

Price and availability:

Version 1.5 of Deckadance could be purchased online with a special 20% discount applied till 20th of June, 2009. After this promotional period the product will be offered on a regular prices of $179 USD (Club Edition) and $99 USD (House Edition).

A demo version of Deckadance 1.5 is also available for free download at Image Line's Download Section.

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Information taken from official press release

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