Computer Music's Synth Focus: Sylenth1 app for iPad is here!

Synth Focus by Computer Music magazine is a new series of apps that explores the best software synths on the market today.

In Synth Focus: Sylenth1, we shine the spotlight on LennarDigital's awesome industry-standard soft synth Sylenth1. We'll show you key techniques through five video tutorials, speak to the developer in an exclusive interview, find out what the synth's most famous users have to say about it and more!

The app is available now through Computer Music's Apple Newsstand app - click here if you haven't already got it. Download our Newsstand app, launch it, then buy Synth Focus: Sylenth1 through the built-in store.

COMING SOON: Synth Focus: Native Instruments FM8 and Synth Focus: u-he DIVA.

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