Computer Music – SYNTH SPECIAL – August 2016, Issue 232

This month's issue of Computer Music brings you u-he's Bazille CM - our most legendary plugin giveaway to date, plus a huge video guide on how to use it. Not stopping there, we've got a Roland Synth Workshop; a Neurofunk DnB Bass Design masterclass featuring bass geniuses Calyx & Teebee; 2GB of samples from pro label Samplephonics; an exclusive five-page interview with garage duo Gorgon City; an in-studio video with Phoria, and loads more!

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Bazille CM

Never before have our pages been graced by a giveaway this huge. This modular super-synth from u-he is a sound design monster, and it's all yours with this issue! To celebrate, we're bringing you the ultimate guide to your new sonic weapon - complete with an exclusive 1hr HD video course - showing you how to patch perfect sounds, and guiding you through the dark art of synthesis along the way.

  • See how Bazille CM works and start patching your first sounds instantly
  • Work with the oscillators' waveforms, tuning, modulation and phase modes
  • Sculpt your sounds using Bazille CM's various filter modes and tricks
  • Perform DX7-style FM synthesis and CZ-101-esque phase distortion synthesis
  • Get your patches going with LFO and audio-rate modulation
  • Create infinitely complex sounds with the Fractalize function
  • Animate the lot using Bazille CM's Motion Sequencer and Mapping Generator

Read Bazille CM's full spec here, and get a copy for your plugins folder when you grab the latest issue of CM!

Roland Synth Workshop

From the mighty Jupiter range and the colourful Juno squad through to the SH-101 monosynth and the TB-303 acid machine, Roland synths have defined the sounds of generations. With that in mind, this issue we take you on a tour of the company's most iconic machines, giving you the history of these legendary synths and showing you how to get their sounds in software. Get a taste in the below video, and get the rest of the tutorials with cm232!

Neurofunk DnB Bass Design

Get dark 'n' dirty as we show you how to build skin-ripping, face-melting, ear-mangling bass from scratch. Neurofunk basses are complex animals that take many stages to breed, including the right design techniques, resampling, modulation, splitting and re-gluing. But, as ever, we've got your back, as we take you through every stage of the process. Find out how to put your own Neurofunk bass together, and get tips from neuro DnB brain-scientists Calyx & Teebee - only with this issue.

2GB of Samplephonics Samples

Stuck for inspiration? Look no further than this giant pack of loops and one-shots, curated for CM readers by top sample label Samplephonics. Grab them today - and enter our track-building challenge - when you pick up this issue in print or digital format.

Producer Masterclass: Phoria

The BBC 6 Music darlings have a unique, vocal soundscape-fuelled sound that's seen them rise to fame since their inception in 2010. Now, we've blagged our way into the studio with vocalist and producer Trewin Howard for a video masterclass. Watch as Trewin deconstructs the Phoria track Emanate using Cubase 5, showing exactly what went into it, and exactly how it was mixed from start to finish. Check out part 1 below and get the rest with this edition of the mag.

Also in this issue…

We get the lowdown from garage/house ambassadors Gorgon City as they discuss their rise to fame and how they put their music together in this month's interview.

Frankfurt's techno meister Gregor Tresher tells us the pieces of software he couldn't live without.

Low frequencies have to be kept in mono, right? Wrong! Mixing maestro Owen Palmer dispels the myths surrounding Stereo Bass Mixing.

Ever pondered getting the best of both worlds when creating your drum sounds? Ronan Macdonald takes you through the art of Hybrid Beats in this month's instalment of Dr Beat.

Need a hand with Music Theory? Dave Clews is on hand to give you the goss on Key Signatures.

The CM Plugins suite continues to grow, now having notched up 62 pieces of software, all yours to download with a copy of this issue!

We round up the latest freeware to add to your plugins folder in our monthly review.

Take in the history of the classic Kawai K5000 synth and find out how to model its sound in software in this month's Blast from the Past.


  • XILS-lab StiX
  • Madrona Labs Virta
  • iZotope Mobius Filter
  • 2nd Sense Audio Wiggle
  • PSP Audioware PSP stompDelay
  • Inear Display Incipit
  • AudioThing Hats
  • Audionomy DM2
  • UVI Attack EP88

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All formats include our 60+ CM Plugins, thousands of samples, and tutorial videos/files via Vault download

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