Check out an interactive map charting the rise of dance music

If we're honest, UK-based travel agent Thomson don't tend to be our first go-to point for information about the history of dance music. Although, on the flipside, we wouldn't recommend MusicRadar as a particularly useful point of call if you're looking to book a three-bed villa on the Costa del Sol.

Still, to mark the rise of 'music tourism', Thomson has posted an interactive infographic on its blog, charting the rise of Western dance music by geographical location. Starting with the birth of jazz and blues out of traditional African music, it traces the spread of dance music internationally, culminating with the dawn of dubstep in London.

The chart seems to be sparking a bit of debate on their blog. Use the link below to check out the interactive version and let us know what you think. Reckon they've nailed it? Spot any glaring errors?

Check out the interactive map

Si Truss

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