Cardboard PC promises sustainable computing

Is this the future of PC design?
Is this the future of PC design?

The Greener Gadgets Design Competition is set to take place in New York on 27 February, and one of the entries is the Recompute - a desktop PC that's housed in cardboard.

The machine's creator, Brenden Macaluso, wanted to create a truly sustainable PC; his argument is that, while traditional steel and aluminium cases can be recycled, the Recompute takes less time and labour and fewer parts to produce.

Macaluso has also addressed concerns about the safety of using a cardboard case, claiming that it would be more heat-resistant than many plastics.

More than a concept, the Recompute is a fully-working PC that contains an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 2GB RAM.

For musicians, the problem with this machine could be noise - we'd be interested to hear how loud it is - but the idea of having a computer that looks like it hasn't been taken out of the box it was delivered in is strangely appealing.

(Via Engadget)

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