Cableguys' TimeShaper lets you "shape the flow of time" and create multiple effects

Cableguys' Shaper series has already covered the likes of filtering, panning and volume, but now it's tackling the tricky business of time. Designed for creating stutter, scratch, tape-stop, glitch and repeat effects, TimeShaper lets you speed audio up or slow it down via a hands-on workflow.

The idea is that you draw the LFO shape you need using TimeShaper's curve editing tools. You can make fast edits, rearrange breakbeats or create repeating house build-ups in just a few clicks. Alternatively, you can experiment and come up with a totally new kind of effect.

It's also worth noting that TimeShaper is multiband, so you can do different things to the bass, mid-range and treble. It can run either on its own or be stacked with CableGuys' other Shaper effects using the ShaperBox effects rack.

Find out more on the Cableguys website. TimeShaper costs €39/$44 and is available for PC and Mac in VST/AU formats. There's also a demo for you to try.

Ben Rogerson

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