Blue Cat adds Oscilloscope to Multi Pack

There are now three plug-ins in the Multi Pack.
There are now three plug-ins in the Multi Pack.

The cats at Blue Cat Audio (who may or may not be blue) have expanded their Multi Pack bundle of audio analysis plug-ins with the release of the Oscilloscope Multi. This enables you to display, measure and compare waveforms from multiple tracks on a single screen.

So, why would you want to do this? Well, Blue Cat says that the plug-in will help you to sort out any phasing problems you might be experiencing. Mono compatibility issues can also be detected.

Oscilloscope Multi joins FreqAnalyst Multi and StereoScope Multi in the Multi Pack - you can find out more about all of them on the Blue Cat website.

The Multi Pack, which is VST- and DirectX-compatible and Windows-only, is available now for the special introductory price of $199/€125.10. If you want just the Oscilloscope Multi, you can get it for the introductory price of $44.10/€35.10.