BandLab aims to be the market leader in music collaboration

Band leader.
Band leader.

BandLab, the cloud-based music collaboration platform, has announced the acquisition of Composr, another app- and web-based music-making service.

The deal means that the European-based Composr will now benefit from the additional features of BandLab.

Alongside gaining new users, the move also sees new members joining the BandLab team. Most notably, Composr founder Nick den Engelsman, who had this to say on the merger: "Aligning with BandLab will give Composr's community of users powerful new features and functionality and will accelerate Composr's mission to help musicians record songs socially. I'm really looking forward to joining this particular band!"

BandLab's growth doesn't stop there, as it has also unveiled Fred McIntyre as the new Chief Marketing Officer. It is hoped his strong track record of building and leading digital music businesses at Fender Musical Instruments Corporation,, CBS Radio, AOL, Winamp,, VIBE and SPIN will strengthen growth and innovation for BandLab.

Meng Ru Kuok, BandLab's CEO and co-founder, said: "Our goal has always been to have a global presence. In adding Fred to our leadership team, I believe we now have the right strategy in place to be able to make that a reality. We have a very active community of users all around the world, constantly producing new music. So Fred's experience in growing music communities makes him the perfect fit for BandLab."

"More people are making more music today than at any point in history, and this shift is having a profound impact on how people interact with and around music," said McIntyre. "BandLab is building the platform for the future of music, and it's a privilege to be part of the team bringing this to life."

For more information, visit the BandLab website.

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