Audiofile Engineering unveils Triumph

Audiofile Engineering has unveiled Triumph, its new audio editing platform for Mac, an update to company's current audio tool Wave Editor.

Audiofile claims to have rebuilt the editor from the ground up, to take full advantage of the latest features of OS X.

New feature highlights include new iZotope audio restoration tools, the ability to create user defined Actions using AppleScript, and new intelligent audio objects called SmartEdits. Check out the official spec below and see the official Audiofile Engineering site for more details.

Official Triumph spec and feature details from Audiofile Engineering:

Layers: Triumph features a unique and patented method for editing audio called Layers. This technique which we pioneered in Wave Editor is similar to image editing, but specifically tailored for audio. The Layers method is a truly innovative way to create combinations of sounds and saves time by keeping everything live and editable until the final product.

Layers are revolutionary in that they allow you to combine audio of any format, channel count, and sample rate. Add effects and fades on top of each other, edit audio using SmartEdits and our other powerful tools, then "flatten" your file to get a result that would have been nearly impossible in other editors.

SmartEdits: SmartEdits are intelligent audio objects and are an extremely flexible and powerful way to edit audio files. A SmartEdit, like a region, has a start and end time. However, SmartEdits have additional properties including fade in and out, fade length and shape, name, color, and much more.

Triumph adds new improvements to SmartEdits including nudge, reverse, the ability to change the underlying asset, anti-click and numerous visual improvements.

Actions & AppleScript: Actions are brand new and unique to Triumph! Actions are AppleScript-based and infinitely customizable.

You can use our incredibly powerful bundled Actions, create and customize your own Actions using AppleScript, and even share Actions with the community of Triumph users.

No audio app has ever integrated AppleScript like Triumph. From an independent mastering engineer to an enterprise-scale broadcast production facility, Triumph's unprecedented AppleScript support will benefit both simple and incredibly complex workflows.

Workspaces: Once again, we added a feature that completely redefines the concept of an audio editor: Workspaces. Triumph gives you the ability to create multiple Workspaces within your project, all referencing the same underlying audio assets.

Utilizing multiple Workspaces along with Layers helps keep your project and audio assets organized while letting you experiment and compare effects settings, edits and CD layouts.

Brand New Interface: Our goal is to always be on the cutting edge of technology and interface design. We set out to completely rewrite Wave Editor and that's what we did. Triumph's beautiful new single-window user interface takes full advantage of all of the latest technologies Mac OS X Lion & Mountain Lion have to offer.

While the new interface is absolutely gorgeous, it also stays out of your way, allowing you to focus on what you do best: designing audio.

Mastering: Triumph is the new standard for mastering and CD layout on the Mac. It fully supports Red Book CD burning and DDP (Disc Description Protocol) 2.0. In addition, we include iZotope's industry-best 64-bit SRC and MBIT+ dither, making Triumph the most powerful and affordable mastering platform available today.

We have greatly improved the workflow in Triumph, making it easier and faster to create your masters. Actions and Workspaces offer efficiencies that mastering engineers have never thought possible.

Powered by iZotope: We have partnered with iZotope for almost a decade and we are proud to announce that Triumph now includes iZotope's restoration and repair tools including Declick, Denoise, Declip and Dehum.

Of course, we still include iZotope's industry best 64-bit SRC and MBIT+ dither. Powered by iZotope, Triumph is the perfect tool for editing, sound design and mastering.

Redesigned Meters: We completely redesigned the meters in Triumph, taking inspiration from Spectre, our beautiful multi-instrument real-time audio analyzer for Mac OS X.

Even better, our meters are now effects, so you can add them to any Layer including the Master Layer. And we're not stopping there: stay tuned for many new metering options in the near future!

Sharing: FiRe, our ground-breaking field recording app for iOS, was the first app on any platform to integrate directly with SoundCloud. So, it makes sense that Triumph makes it easier than ever to share your audio creations with the world via SoundCloud.

Triumph now adds integration with Dropbox as well as the ability to email audio files and analyses directly from the app. It's easy to see that Triumph plays well with others!

Triumph is currently available at an introductory price of $59.99 until 11 November ($79.99 after). Those who purchased Wave Editor after 1 May 2012 may request a license key for Triumph at no charge.

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