AudioCopy iOS app released

Back in those bygone days before the arrival of Audiobus, and before the dawn of iOS 7's Inter-App Audio, AudioCopy - a clipboard functionality allowing sounds and samples to be pasted between apps - was the best method iOS musicians had for moving their work about.

As regular users may have noticed, however, AudioCopy has stopped working since the arrival of iOS 7. In response, developer Retronyms has now released a free, standalone AudioCopy app for iPhone and iPad, which offers iOS music makers a place to catalogue and audition their sounds and samples.

According to Retronyms: "The new AudioCopy is a better catalog for your sounds. Browse and audition all the sounds you've copied, import sound libraries via iTunes, and store sounds centrally for easy use in your favorite apps. You'll also notice a new steamlined design ready for iOS 7, and an improved interface that is more at home on different screen sizes whether you're using an iPhone or iPad."

Only time will tell how useful or necessary a standalone AudioCopy app will prove to be. For now, you can check out the video above for more info, or download AudioCopy from the App Store.

Si Truss

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