Audiobus 2's preset capabilities previewed

We've known that version two of iOS audio routing app Audiobus has been coming for some time already - developer A Tasty Pixel first mentioned that a major overhaul was on its way shortly after Apple added Inter App Audio functionality with iOS 7.

Since that first announcement, we've also known that one of the major new features in version two would be the ability to save and recall presets. Now, via the video above, which the developer recently posted on its YouTube channel, we get our first look at how presets will actually work. Effectively, it seems presets will allow setting and sounds of multiple compatible apps, along with Audiobus routings, to be saved as a single preset, and even shared via Twitter, text message or email. All of which looks very cool.

As yet the only third party apps confirmed to support state saving via Audiobus are Echo Pad and Arturia iSEM, although we expect more to be added as the release approaches.

No release details for Audiobus 2 have been shared yet, but if you head over to the Audiobus site, you can sign up to their newsletter and check out the previous teaser video for more info.

Si Truss

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