AtomicReverb revamped: plug-in gets update

Atomised: popular reverb plug-in gets overhaul
Atomised: popular reverb plug-in gets overhaul

AtomicReverb, the flagship reverb simulator from MolecularBytes, has been relaunched with additional features, updates and bug fixes. The PC/Mac plug-in, that features a combination of algorithms and lets you design your own "acoustic room patterns", is now up to version 1.2.

New features include Easy Interface Mode, which gives the user access to multiple parameters on one handy page, a 2D flat skin-type and skin-selection option, A/B Program Comparison and a Spectrum-Analyzer in the EQ display.

The plug-in has also gained performance and processing improvements, all of which comes as a free update if you already own the plug-in, free as a trial version if you fancy a road test, and 69€/$89 if you're after the full monty.

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