ARC System promises to improve your studio's sound

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The ARC System comes with a mic and software

The ARC System comes with a mic and software
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Capture your room s sound with the supplied mic

Capture your room's sound with the supplied mic
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Corrections can be made in a plug in in your DAW

Corrections can be made in a plug-in in your DAW

IK Multimedia has started shipping its ARC (Advanced Room Correction) System. This is designed to measure and then correct distortion caused by room acoustics in your studio.

ARC was developed in collaboration with Audyssey - a provider of sound equalisation solutions. It comprises three elements: a measurement microphone, measuring software and a plug-in for your DAW.

The ARC correction process is based on Audyssey's MultiEQ technology. This is designed to correct both frequency and phase response, leaving you with a mixing environment that you can trust.

The theory is that this will enable you to produce mixes that work better outside of your studio and to make your productions sound more consistent with each other.

Compatible with Mac and PC, the package comes with a step-by-step measurement wizard to help you get started. The plug-in element supports the VST, RTAS and AU formats.

The ARC System has a retail price of $699/€579/£469. You can find out more and place an order at the IK Multimedia website.