Alien303: the bassline synth that promises more

Can Alien303 offer anything that its many rivals can t
Can Alien303 offer anything that its many rivals can't?

G-Sonique is the latest company to release a soft synth that's inspired by Roland's iconic TB-303. However, it claims that the new Alien303 instrument is far more than just a straight emulation.

We're told that Alien303's tone is sharper, more digital and tougher than that of its rivals. It's designed primarily for creating psytrance basslines, though it's also said to be useful for melodies and tough acid sounds in general.

You can choose from ten oscillator types, while there's an ADSR envelope and a filter. A couple of effects are included too - Unison/chorus and a stereo delay - and there's also a Portamento control.

Available as a Windows VSTi, Alien303 is out now. The full price is €16, but the first 100 customers can get it for €9.90.

Read all about it at the G-Sonique website.