Advertorial: Supersize your music making with LG Ultra Wide Monitors

It's a pain we all know, you're working on a huge new track, you've got your editing software open, virtual mixers dotted all over the place, you're toiling across two, or sometimes even three displays, and you're still running out of space.

So what's the answer? Shoehorn in another monitor? Change your workflow? Ditch the track? No, no and most definitely no - you should go Ultra Wide.

The Ultra Wide range is a stunning line of IPS monitors from LG. These world-first 34-inch, 21:9 QHD monitors look absolutely stunning, and for music makers, the 34UM95 is particularly mouth watering.

Bursting with features and perfect for use with programs such as ProTools, Logic, Ableton and Cubase, the 34UM95 could put an end to your dual monitor headaches - there's no need to switch back and forth anymore.

Let's be honest, for music makers running two 16:9 displays has also been a compromise that isn't entirely conducive to effective workflow and efficiency. Even a pair of 27-inch 16:9 screens had their obvious drawbacks - the detachment, the bezel dividing the two, it just still wasn't enough for those of us working with multi layers of tracks, mixers and programs.

With these LG models you're getting a screen 2.4 times bigger than your standard 16:9 HD screen. Suddenly you can have nine instrument tracks and up to 43 controllers open at any one time. The super wide screen means that you don't have to stretch complex, lengthy tracks and virtual mixers over several displays any longer.



These premium monitors do so without compromise on quality either, images will still be displayed at razor sharp HD quality, with a stunning 3440x1440 resolution output. Put these next to your 27-inch monitor and there really is no comparison.

Logic Pro X users also need no longer be restricted to using only Mac displays - the Ultra Wide range is compatible with all Mac sequencing programs without the need for any extra connectors. This is thanks to LG's use of Thunderbolt 2 connectors. Thunderbolt 2 also allows users to transfer files at whippet-like speeds of up to 20 Gbps.

Connectivity is key for music makers, and that's another area that LG has covered with these latest models. The 34UM95 comes loaded with two 3.0 USB ports and two 2.0 USB ports, giving you plenty of room to hook up your devices and instruments.

LG advertorial

LG advertorial

Getting up close and personal with the 34UM95, we can see that there's a whole host of jaw-dropping features to marvel at. There's the breathtakingly narrow bezel for starters. The display also benefits from a flicker-safe function, meaning it's kind on your eyes even after an all-day-and-all-night editing session.

For those of you not ready to give up a dual monitor set-up just yet, why not team the 34UM95 up with a 34UM65? If you load up track task pads on one and virtual instruments on the other you'll have 30% more room for trackers, loops and mixers in comparison to a pair of 27-inch 16:9 screens.

More space, razor-sharp visuals and cutting edge connectivity - what's not to love about the LG IPS 21:9 Ultra Wide range?