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Acorn Instruments announces Masterkey 49 keyboard

Masterkey 49: a simple 4-octave MIDI controller.
Masterkey 49: a simple 4-octave MIDI controller.

Don't get us wrong: we love MIDI keyboards that have a multitude of controllers that automatically map themselves to your software's parameters, but what if you just want a playable, reasonably-sized model that doesn't cost the earth? Acorn Instruments thinks that it might have the answer with the Masterkey 49.

This is a 49-note, velocity-sensitive, synth-style USB controller that has octave shift, transpose and MIDI program change functions that can be used on the fly. Pitch bend and mod wheels are in place, and there's a socket for a sustain pedal.

You'll also find four knobs and a fader, all of which are assignable, with menus and parameters being viewable in the red LED display.

Masterkey 49 is bus-powered and class-compliant, and has a retail price of £99.99. What's more, it ships with a copy of PreSonus's Studio One Artist DAW, making this a one-stop bundle for anyone who wants to start making music on their computer.

Masterkey 49 will be available in July.