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A Korg Volca Sample version of SampleRobot arrives

We've already seen free sample management software for Korg's Volca Sample hardware, but Skylife is giving you paid-for option in the shape of a Volca-specific version of its SampleRobot app.

SampleRobot Volca-X promises to give you all the features you need to "auto-record, manage, convert, edit and dump custom samples".

You can also purchase the software in a bundle with the WaveRobot sample and loop editor, which supports a sample display resolution of up to 3200 x 2000 pixels and enables you to work non-destructively.

Find out more in the video above or on the Skylife website, where SampleRobot Volca-X can be purchased for £39/$59/€49 for PC and Mac. If you want WaveRobot as well, the bundle costs £85/$129/£85.

SampleRobot Volca-X features

  • Dumping up to 100 samples at once to Volca Sample.
  • Support for multiple bit and sampling resolutions.
  • Automatic high quality resampling for Volca Sample.
  • Saving sample banks as Projects.
  • Sample bank function: Erase.
  • Sample bank function: Restore factory samples.
  • Importing multiple wave files at once.
  • Slicing "all-in-one" files.
  • Sample size calculation and progress display.
  • Flexible stereo-mono rendering.
  • Different loop export modes.
  • WaveRobot editor available as option.