50 Cent reveals album tracklisting, still no release date

After 50 Cent's third album Curtis lost the battle of sales (and egos) against Kanye West's Graduation in September 2007, it's not really surprising to see Interscope Records being a bit tentative with the release of Before I Self Destruct. The album's finished, as planned, but an unconfirmed February unveiling is the best we can do.

Still, we do at least have the full tracklisting and production details courtesy of the Nah Right blog. Dr Dre and Eminem are all present and correct, as are old cohorts Lloyd Banks and Nate Dogg, to name but a few…

1. Intro
2. Came To Win (produced by Red Spyda)
3. Get Up (produced by Scott Storch)
4. Need Your Hate (produced by Dr Dre)
5. Here For A Reason - ft Nate Dogg (produced by tha Bizness)
6. Good To Be A Gangsta (produced by Ty Fyffe and Sha Money XL)
7. Don't Mess With 50 (produced by Don Cannon)
8. Trust In Me (produced by JR Rotem)
9. Norman Bates Motel - ft Eminem (produced by Dr Dre)
10. Bitch I'm Sorry (produced by Needlz)
11. All For You (produced by Hi-Tek)
12. No Time To Lose - ft Swizz Beatz (produced by the Individuals)
13. Lonely At the Top (produced by Play-N-Skillz)
14. You Need Us - ft Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo (produced by DJ Khalil)
15. Different Path - ft Dave Young (produced by Havoc)
16. I Get It In (produced by Dr Dre)
17. Somebody Forgive Me (produced by Jake One)
18. My Reign (produced by Eminem)
19. Ready For War - ft Dr Dre (produced by Dr Dre)

When it does drop, the deluxe release comes with a DVD of a movie, also called Before I Self Destruct, starring and directed by 50 Cent himself. Expect a videogame of the same name to follow shortly. And a sequel. Probably.

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