“Sometimes the instruments just break, and then we have to fix them”: Taylor Swift suffers ANOTHER piano malfunction during a “rain show” on her Eras Tour

Taylor Swift piano Lyon
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Yep, it’s happened again: Taylor Swift has suffered another piano malfunction during a rain-soaked show on her Eras Tour.

The latest mishap, which occurred in Lyon, France over the weekend, follows a similar incident in Massachusetts last year when, after a downpour the previous night, Swift's piano started playing notes on its own.

This time, there were no ‘ghost notes’ - instead, when Taylor sat down to perform the ‘surprise songs’ section of the show, the piano simply wasn’t making any sound at all. “It’s not working,” Swift told the crowd. “I’ll give it 15 seconds before I just use my guitar.” 


♬ son original - come_on_stage

Help was ‘swiftly’ at hand, though: a member of Taylor’s crew quickly bounded on stage to provide assistance. After lifting the piano’s lid, the technician and Swift spent a few seconds looking at whatever was under there, before the source of the problem was located and the star said, “this is going to be fine, I think. Yeah, this is gonna be great.”

Filling time while the issue was resolved, Swift added, “Now you’re really seeing how things work on a rain show, cause sometimes… sometimes the instruments just break, and then we have to fix them.”

While we’re sure that Taylor would rather the problem hadn’t occurred, at least the piano could be fixed this time. Back in Massachusetts, Swift had to abandon her plan to play the piano and played the surprise songs on her guitar instead.

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