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Take Shure’s online quiz and find out which microphone is right for you

Shure Mic Match quiz
(Image credit: Shure)

There are so many different types of microphone - dynamic, condenser, ribbon etc - that finding the right one isn’t always easy, particularly if you’ve never bought one before.

So, mic manufacturer Shure has created the Mic Match quiz - an online questionnaire that aims to help you choose the correct microphone for your requirements.

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The user is presented with a series of multiple choice questions. You’ll be asked where and how you plan to use the mic, and what kind of sound you’re hoping for.

There’s also input from artists - including Jacob Collier, Amber Liu and others - who will explain why their microphone works for them.

In addition, Shure has partnered with LANDR to create a five-part video series. Topics covered include choosing a microphone, recording and mixing vocals, and getting creative with vocal processing.

You can find out more and take the Mic Match quiz on the Shure website.

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