Sweetwater and PRS join forces to spec up the ltd edition Owls In Flight range

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US music retail giant Sweetwater and PRS have collaborated for the quite spectacular Owls In Flight series, a uniquely ornithological run of some of the most opulent electric guitars you can buy.

The Owls In Flight models are PRS Private Stock models, so gird your loins for an embarrassment of riches in terms of fit, finish and design, and an eye-watering price tag. 

Take it as read there are exotic tonewoods, the highest grade of flame maple – not to mention some inventive use of Luminlay and MOP for those headstocks.

No two headstocks are alike, and on each, a gibbous moon of either MOP or Luminlay, sits behind an owl in silhouette. 

No two headstocks are alike, and on each, a gibbous moon of either MOP or Luminlay, sits behind an owl in silhouette.  (Image credit: Sweetwater)

Each of the headstocks features an original design, while the eponymous Owls In Flight inlay puts a nocturnal spin on the Birds In Flight we are used to seeing on PRS guitars. And just in time for Halloween, too.

The project came together a couple of years ago. Tom Grant, Sweetwater's Category Manager for Acoustic Instruments, and Paul Miles, director of PRS’s Private Stock, put their heads together on a collection inspired by the local fauna found northwest of Sweetwater's Fort Wayne campus, in Indiana.

Working with Thom on the Owls In Flight guitars has been a hoot

Paul Miles, PRS

Indeed, the guitars' finishes are inspired by sunsets and owl plumage. Not missing the chance to dispense some avuncular humour, Miles expressed his delight at how the collection turned out.

”Working with Thom on the Owls In Flight [guitars] has been a hoot,” he exclaims. “I love it when a dealer knows what they want and has a story to back it up – it creates a great creative partnership and some super-cool guitars.”

PRS Private Stock #8689 Custom 24

<a href="https://imp.i114863.net/c/221109/789347/11319?subId1=hawk-custom-tracking&sharedId=hawk&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sweetwater.com%2Fstore%2Fdetail%2FPS8689--prs-private-stock-number-8689-custom-24-purple-nightshade-smoked-burst" data-link-merchant="sweetwater.com"" target="_blank">PRS Private Stock #8689 Custom 24
This stunning Custom 24 is finished in Purple Nightshade Smoked Burst Satin. With a mahogany body and maple cap, ziricote neck, bird inlays, the Gen III vibrato and locking tuners, plus the PAF-a-like 58/15 humbuckers, it's exemplary guitar design, fit for any style.

The PRS Private Stock Owls In Flight range is available through Sweetwater. Prices TBC and dependant on spec. Expect to pay six figures. Players can choose from Sweetwater's previously spec'd models, including the McCarty Singlecut 594 in Fuschia Burst or Custom 24 in Frostbite Glow above.

Alternatively, give Sweetwater a buzz and talk turkey. Or owls, as the case may be here (even a guitar builder as expert as PRS can't make turkey's take flight).

(Image credit: Sweetwater)
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