NAMM 2022: Pete Thorn has a new HSS signature guitar with Suhr

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NAMM 2022: As well as a storied session career that includes being part of Chris Cornell's solo band, Pete Thorn is one of the kings of YouTube gear demos; his compositions are always a must hear for his sense of melody and versatility. Which means he has a real ear for tone too; and eight years on from his first Suhr signature guitar he has a new one that looks like it can cover a lot of ground. 

He's given it the full run-through on the Inca Silver version in the video above, and as expected it sounds fantastic. The new signature features the new Thornbucker II humbucker alongside a pair of V63 single-coils. 


(Image credit: Suhr)

"It's probably the most versatile configuration that you can have," Thorn says of the HSS combo. The Thornbucker II is a hotter wind with an Alnico II magnet. 

"The warm, clear, and ballsy sounding, all-new Thornbucker II humbucker integrates beautifully with the Suhr V63 single coils and versatile pickup switching," adds Thorn.

"John and I worked really hard to perfect the look and flow of the new pick guard design and I chose some familiar and some brand new awesome colours. This guitar is a gigging players dream. Just like my two humbucker Signature model, this is a versatile tone machine with stunning looks, it's both classic and fresh.”


(Image credit: Suhr / YouTube)

We have to agree. The guitarist drew influence from his '64 Strat as well as Suhr Classic S necks for the new model's soft V, offered in roasted maple with an ebony 10"-14" compound radius fingerboard. Frets are jumbo stainless steel  

In addition to Inca Silver he 2-Piece Alder body models are offered in gloss Graphite Metallic, Garnet Red and Ocean Turquoise. All feature Wilkinson WVS-130 tremolo bridges with locking saddles.

The Suhr Pete Thorn Standard HSS is priced at $3,649 USD. More info at Suhr

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