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Stylish! is a belt-buckle monosynth that could be so cheap they might even give it away

Stylish! is a virtual analogue synth with built-in speaker and stylus-based keyboard that is designed to fit on your belt.

Looking like something resembling a cyclops with a maniacal grin, this wearable synth was conceived as a piece of “premium swag” for MAGwest – a music and gaming show located in San Francisco – with the onus very much on how cheaply a useable monosynth can be created.

Alongside the stylus keyboard, the synth also includes an array of LEDs surrounding the onboard speaker and a headphone output.

So far, the project is still in development and Tim Trzepacz, of SoftEgg says that the final version may also include a step sequencer and drum loops in the final version. 

There’s no word whether Stylish! will take flight as more than just a conference giveaway and become more widely available after the event, but you can keep an eye on how the project is coming along over on the Hackaday project page.

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