Stewart Copeland launches podcast: My Dad The Spy

(Image credit: Audible)

Stewart Copeland has released a nine-part podcast in which he explores the life of his father, Miles Axe Copeland II. As is widely known, Mr Copeland Sr. lived a varied life as a musician and businessman, but is best known for his time spent as a secret agent for the CIA.

Throughout the podcast, the former Police drummer - aided by his brother Miles and sister Lennie - looks to uncover “the truth” about his father, from his involvement in the birth of the CIA, assassination plots and overthrowing governments.

Stewart Copeland says, “My childhood wasn’t a regular upbringing. We moved around the Middle East and mixing with so many fascinating people. I shared my father’s passion for music, which eventually led to my career in The Police and beyond, and his job shaped me too. In sharing his story, and my family’s story, I hope to shed light on what it is truly like to be the son of a CIA agent.” 

My Dad The Spy is available now for free via Audible, and you can start your free 30-day trial here.

Stuart Williams

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