Steve Miller joins John Mayer onstage to perform The Joker

John Mayer and Steve Miller performing together
(Image credit: James Liverani / YouTube)

John Mayer's triumphant solo tour is reaching new heights; a two-night stand (or sit down) at Madison Square Garden. And to mark the lofty career high that has seen him mesmerising thousands with – mostly – an acoustic guitar and three pedalboards, he brought out Steve Miller for a duet on his classic song, The Joker for night one on 3 October – with great footage of the performance below shot by YouTuber James Liverani.

A grinner, picker, lover, midnight toker, playing his music in the sun… it checks out. Miller – whose distinctive timbre is in remarkable form at the age of 80 – was on 12-string guitar duties with his Eillette Terz while Mayer roughed it on his £20k Martin anniversary OM-45 signature. We really do love that grey sunburst…  

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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