Steve Gadd jamming on a box with brushes is the best drum video you'll see today

(Image credit: Jun Sato/WireImage/Getty)

If there is a positive to be taken from the fact that most of the world’s population is currently holed-up in their homes - and let's be honest, it’s a very thin silver lining - it’s the increased output of covers, live performances and lessons from everyday hobbyists to musical legends alike.

Steve Gadd might be on lockdown, but that doesn’t have to stop the groovesmith from wowing us with his playing once again.

A video shared by Zoom (the pro audio company, not the video conferencing platform), whose musician cameras Gadd endorses, shows a short clip of him jamming to Oscar Peterson using nothing but a pair of brushes and a cardboard box before being interrupted.

The type of box, brand, number of plies and whether or not it is empty is unconfirmed, but common opinion seems to suggest that it once housed a pizza. What is clear, is that we need to order a takeaway and grab our brushes immediately.

Stuart Williams

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