Steinberg’s VST Transit now enables cloud collaboration in any DAW and on the iPad

VST Transit, the cloud collaboration service from Steinberg that was previously only available to Cubase users, has now been extended to other DAWs and the iPad.

On the mobile side, VST Transit Go is a new app that enables users to find like-minded collaborators and create with them. The app is free, but you’ll be able to add features to it via in-app purchases, the first being the Recording Module. This enables you to record as many audio tracks as you wish - your collaborators can access your project and add their own parts over the top.

VST Transit Join, meanwhile, is a cross-platform plugin that offers similar functionality. Fire it up in your DAW and the audio from your projects can be shared with other VST Transit users, both on desktop machines and iOS.  

“These are exciting times when geographical and technological borders no longer hold,” says Steinberg’s Director of Corporate Affairs & Product Portfolio Strategy, Frank Simmerlein. “Everybody can work together on musical projects more conveniently than ever before - no matter where you are, no matter what you’re using - and by introducing VST Transit Go and VST Transit Join, Steinberg plays a major role in this new chapter of music collaboration.”

You can download VST Transit Go from the Apple App Store. VST Transit Join is currently in beta and can be downloaded from the Steinberg website. This operates as a VST3/AU/AAX plugin. VST Transit includes 750MB of storage space and 1.5GB of monthly download traffic; you can increase these allocations by signing up for a premium account.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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