Steinberg’s SpectraLayers 8 audio editor promises ‘AI processing with a human touch’

Steinberg has taken the wraps off version 8 of SpectraLayers, its deep audio editing software.

With its visual interface, SpectraLayers is designed to let you ‘see inside’ your sounds and carry out a variety of music production, post-production, sound design and audio restoration tasks.

Version 8 introduces a second-generation AI processing engine that enables the implementation of new processes and improvements to existing ones.

The new De-Bleed feature, for example, works across multiple layers and makes it easy to reduce the amount of spill from a drum kit.

There’s AI-powered Reverb Reduction, too, which attenuates and reduces room resonances.

Steinberg SpectraLayers 8

(Image credit: Steinberg)

Other new features include EQ and Ambience Match. EQ Match lets you make a selection on the spectral graph and apply the EQ profile across several layers, while Ambience Match enables you to specify room tone or background textures on the spectrograph and apply the profile to another part of the project.

Elsewhere, you can now select harmonics automatically based on a single frequency, there’s a Voice Denoiser that can clean up everything from spoken word recordings to sung vocals, and you now have inter-channel copy/paste functionality.

There’s enhanced ARA 2 integration, too, meaning that you can run multiple independent SpectraLayers projects within your compatible DAW (Cubase or Nuendo, for example).

SpectraLayers 8 is available in two versions: Pro (€299) and Elements (€80). Both run on PC and Mac and are available at a 20% discount until 14 July.

Find out more on the Steinberg website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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