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Spotify predicts a resurgence in underground and bedroom dance music production

(Image credit: NurPhoto / Contributor)

Spotify’s global team of dance music editors has offered up some insightful predictions on where dance music is headed this year, noting a resurgence in underground and bedroom production.

Pointing to the success of artists such as Fred again.., who stormed the Top 100 with his The Blessed Madonna collaboration and lockdown anthem Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing) earlier this year, the editors spotlighted a rise in “indie production” as underground producers with a DIY ethos break out from the internet into the charts.

The Spotify team identified several other trends that illuminate the current state of dance music, calling attention to the increasingly globalised nature of the genre and the growing popularity of localised scenes such as Brazilian bass and Russian rave. 

They also noted the ever-increasing crossover between dance music and the pop mainstream, claiming that “pop is co-opting dance”, while pointing to the work of artists such as Dua Lipa, Jessie Ware and Raye as evidence.

Read the full article on Spotify's website.

Matt Mullen

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