Spitfire Audio announces that co-founder Christian Henson is to “take a break” from the company after causing “hurt amongst our community” with tweet

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Spitfire Audio CEO Will Evans has released a statement saying that composer and company co-founder Christian Henson is to “take a break” from the company after he was criticised for a tweet (since removed) posted on his personal account.

In the tweet, posted yesterday, Henson voiced support for comedy writer Graham Linehan and author JK Rowling, both of whom have faced accusations of transphobia. He also included a link to a video that Linehan recently posted on YouTube.

Following criticism of the tweet and with some calling for a boycott of Spitfire Audio’s products, Evans responded by saying: “Christian's tweet has caused hurt amongst our community. 

"This hurt is obviously being extended as a reflection on Spitfire Audio, its collaborators and its employees. I'm deeply sorry for that; we've worked hard to be a beacon for the industry and have a responsibility to do better.

“Christian's views are his own, and as a company we are committed to building an inclusive environment for our employees, collaborators and customers.

“Christian is going to take a break as we reflect on how to move forward, and in the meantime please accept my apologies on behalf of Spitfire Audio.”

Among those to complain about Henson’s original tweet was composer Olafur Arnalds, who said: “Dear Christian. You are someone who prides himself on a community that welcomes people regardless of their background. 

"I realise there are nuances to the issue but blanket statements like that hurt those in the communities you have helped create and those who most need our support.”


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