SoundSpot's new wavetable synth plugin intros at a ludicrous £5.99

Soundspot says that its new synth covers both digital and analogue bases, combining complex, modern wavetable synthesis with elements "modelled from some of the best sounding synths in music history". What's more, the barrier for entry is incredibly low, with the usually-£120 currently on an intro discount of 95% until Jan 1.

Combine two oscillators, each with a choice of six analogue-style waveforms and up to 32-voice unison, and then click the Generate Wavetable button to render the two into a modulatable wavetable, which then acts as oscillator 3.

You could, for example, render a wavetable from the Organ and Triangle wave types in oscillators 1 and 2, generate a wavetable in oscillator 3, and then replace the original oscillators with a sine sub and another layer.

Union also houses nine effects (Chrous, Distortion, Delay, Reverb, Dynamics, EQ, Phaser, Flanger and Filter), and modulation from LFOs and envelopes.

Features (via Soundspot)

  • Intuitive workflow for control over every aspect of your sound
  • Up to 32 voices of unison per oscillator
  • Spectral anti-aliasing
  • 2 Main analog-style oscillators
  • Wavetable generator oscillator
  • Intuitive modulation system
  • 9 FX modules based on SoundSpot’s post processing range
  • Over 300 professionally designed presets

Union is available now from the Soundspot website  and from Plugin Boutique. It's a VST/AU/AAX plugin for PC and Mac. The intro price of £5.99 will last until Jan 1 2020, after which it will be available for £120.