“My finger is here to shred another day!”: Sophie Lloyd feared she was going to lost a finger after ending up in hospital following video shoot for new single

Sophie Lloyd on a smoke-filled stage playing her signature Kiesel guitar
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Sophie Lloyd has revealed that she feared she was going to lose her finger following the video shoot for her new single with fellow YouTube guitar star and Kiesel signature guitar artist Cole Rolland. 

Rolland’s track, Lost In A Memory, is out today – and you can watch the video for it right here, right now – but maybe Lloyd would be forgiven for having some second thoughts about watching it back. 

By all accounts, Lloyd’s day started as normal. Guesting on the track, she came in, played her part and they got the footage. But it ended in hospital. As soon as she wrapped, the Machine Gun Kelly guitarist was rushed to the emergency room, having lost the feeling in her finger.

“This will definitely be in my memory for a long time,” Lloyd says. “Straight after filming my part in this song I had to go to A&E to get a ring removed as my finger started swelling and going numb. Luckily all is okay and my finger is here to shred another day!”

Which is a mighty relief. Lloyd’s schedule is typically packed, and she has her debut solo headlining show coming up in London on 17 October, when Lloyd will play the Camden Underworld. Tickets have sold out. 

Lost in a Memory - Cole Rolland (feat. Sophie Lloyd) | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO - YouTube Lost in a Memory - Cole Rolland (feat. Sophie Lloyd) | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO - YouTube
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Lost In A Memory is the third time that Rolland and Lloyd have teamed up. Rolland said Lloyd’s über-melodic shred approach was exactly what the track needed.

“Lost In A Memory began as an outlet for some thoughts that had been weighing on me for some time,” says Rolland. “I knew that Sophie was the perfect feature for this track once the chorus had really taken shape melodically and stylistically. Her melodic shred approach paired with her attention to detail regarding pre-existing melodies in the track was precisely what was needed to take this one over the top.”

Cole Rolland and Sophie Lloyd

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Apologies to anyone who follows Rolland on his various social media channels, because all this will all be old news. Rolland documented the writing and recording process on his Twitch channel.

 “Songs go through many refinements to get across this finish line and I think it made it even more special for the audience to experience this in real time,” he says.

Lloyd, medical emergencies notwithstanding, sounded pretty positive about the whole collaboration, and said her and Rolland’s styles were a good fit.

“This song specifically not only showcases Cole's incredible playing but also his ability to mix and produce and sing a killer song,” she said. “I can't wait to hear what people think!” 

You can check it out above and join Cole Rolland’s 1.46m YouTube subscribers here. Follow Sophie Lloyd on YouTube.

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